Dental Headrest Covers

Dental Headrest Covers
Made with soft facial tissue combined with polypropylene. Ultimate in comfort, absorbency, strength and fluid resistance.It is used for dental chair.
Product:headrest cover
Color: white ,blue,green
Packing : 500pcs per carton
Cat. No. Description Qty/Case (Pcs)
516701 One-ply wood pulp paper+One-ply PE film, 10×10’’ 500
516702 One-ply wood pulp paper+One-ply PE film, 10×13’’ 500
516703 One-ply non woven+One-ply PE film, 10×10’’ 500
516704 One-ply non woven+One-ply PE film, 10×13’’ 500
516705 One-ply non woven, 10×10’’ 500
516706 One-ply non woven, 10×13’’ 500

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