Silicone anesthesia mask

Silicone anesthesia mask
The silicone anesthesia mask is used in anesthesa and respiratory.The device can be connected with multiplemedical equipments, such asanesthesia machines, ventilators, oxygen-machines, hyperbaricoxygen stores, inhaled painlessdelivery instruments, and emergencybreathing apparatus.
1.Supple cushion membrane delivers a full faceseal with minimalpressure.
2.Cone madeof flexible materialto ensure clinician comfort
3.Inflation valve placed at thenose for easyaccess
4.Malleable cone allows fora comfortable grip
5.Thin cushionprovides exceptional sealing
Cat. No. Description
BW0101 Silicone anesthesia mask, size1# Neonate
BW0102 Silicone anesthesia mask,size2# -Infant
BW0103 Silicone anesthesia mask,size3# Pediatric
BW0104 Silicone anesthesia mask,size4# Adult small
BW0105 Silicone anesthesia mask,size5# Adult-medium
BW0106 Silicone anesthesia mask,size6# Adult-large

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