Ultrasound scanner Ultra-portable tablet T-Lite


The T-Lite’s technical interface is totally intuitive and displays sharp images at first glance thanks to its 10-inch high-definition muti-touch screen.

In all modes, the settings are already optimized for you by ultrasound experts. While the T-Lite, thanks to its tablet format, minimizes space requirements, it does not compromise on quality and performance: the health of your patients is the concern of our Research & Development department.

To cover the widest spectrum of diagnostics, the T-Lite ultrasound scanner offers all the useful features:

  • Pulsed Wave, Color, Color Power, Directional Color Power & Tissue Doppler.
  • B, M & Duplex Modes. 
  • Tissue Harmonic, Trapezoidal & Compound Imaging.

The T-Lite adapts to all types of environment and constraints. It provides an advanced diagnostic tool to go beyond simple palpation at any time.

Mobile: Its light weight combined with its 3 hours of autonomy make it the ideal companion for out-of-office visits, emergencies, mountain rescue… Its integrated stand allows you to hold the ultrasound scanner with one hand or to put it down to use both hands. On the move, its dedicated case protects both the tablet and the probes.

Semi-mobile: In the office or on a home visit, a simple Wi-Fi connection allows you to perform a complete examination, produce a report and record patient data thanks to the dedicated and secure Sonoreplay cloud.

Sedentary: The cart designed specifically for the T-Lite allows functional and ergonomic use of the ultrasound scanner in the office or hospital. Since we know that doctors and nursing staff are rarely static, the cart is ultra-manageable so that it can be moved easily and quickly. An HDMI and USB socket on the tablet allows for a duplicate display on an HD screen and the connection of a thermal printer.