T-Lite HD HandHeld Ultrasound Scanner

T-Lite allows each health practitioner to have an advanced diagnostic tool, ready at any time, to go further than
a simple palpation


T-Lite is:
Three possible uses:
Nomad: for viewing in any kind of situation (emergency, ambulatory medicine, ambulance, etc)
Semi-nomad: with a Wi-Fi connection for a complete examination (doctor’s office or house-calls)
Sedentary: HD screen display, thermal printer, push button Wi-Fi setup (hospital or doctor’s office)

The force of our diagnostics:
All Doppler modes
Electronic multi-frequency probes, with high element density transducers
All the biometrics
Automated reports

Real-Time Comfort:
Maximum automation for specific applications (automatic settings, automatic measures)
High-definition screen display
Thermal-paper print-outs