Hernia Belt with Soft Pads

Hernia Belt with Soft Pads

Hernia Belt is designed for control of rupture that has been diagnosed by a physician.
Hernia Belt with elastic belt and straps for maximum adjustment and comfort.
The hernia aid pads can firm and support for reducible inguinal hernia.
Soft straps to be worn comfortably under clothing.
It can fit various body contours, also don t be limited by body moving.
Both of pads can be removed and adjusted easily.

Product name:hernia belt
Material:Nylon,Artificial leather,knit
Size:adult and child
Package:2pcs per box.

Cat No. Description Qty/Case(box)
515401 Hernia Belt with Soft Pads,adult 50
515402 Hernia Belt with Soft Pads,child 50

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