Wound Drainage Reservoir

Wound Drainage Reservoir

This wound drainage reservoir system including 3-spring evacuator,PVC tubing ,”Y”connector and silicone drain with trocar.
It is superior biocompatibility,flexibility and great comfort to patient, which minimize possible reduce the occurrence of wound haematoma and infection.
The universal stepped adapter allows concecting to kinds of suctin tube.
Embedded x-ray thread enables easy detection and position of suction tube.
High quality anti-reflux valve totally eliminates liquid reflux.
Tube size: Fr8, Fr10, Fr12,Fr14,Fr16,Fr18 are available.

Cat. No. Description Qty/Case (Pcs)
515701 Wound Drainage Reservoir,200ml 24
515702 Wound Drainage Reservoir,400ml 24
515703 Wound Drainage Reservoir,600ml 24
515704 Wound Drainage Reservoir,800ml 24

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