Trans Africa Medicals Blue Potts-Smith Forceps

10″ Trans Africa Medicals Blue Potts-Smith Forceps Serrated – Each Sold Separately
Trans Africa Medicals Blue™ Potts-Smith Dressing Forceps are most commonly used for application and changing of dressings in electrosurgical procedures. They may also be used for dissection of fine or single-layer tissue. Serrated tips provide a solid grip on both materials and tissue. Trans Africa Medicals Blue™ electrosurgical instruments feature high quality stainless steel with an insulated coating. This safe coating prevents radio frequency currents from being transmitted through the instrument which reduces the burning of non-targeted tissue. Trans Africa Medicals Blue™ instruments are fully autoclavable and may also be cleaned ultrasonically. All Trans Africa Medicals Blue™ coated instruments comply with biological testing requirements for cytotoxicity, sensitization regulatory, and ISO 10993 requirements. They also comply with the Pre-Vacuum and Gravity Cycle Steam Sterilization Validation of ANSI/AAMI ST79. Trans Africa Medicals Blue™ electrosurgical coatings are guaranteed for one year against manufacturing defects. This product is straight with serrated tips and a length of 10 inches.

Additional Information

Surname Potts-Smith
Length 10″
Instrument Type Dressing Forceps
Curvature Straight
Working Surface Style Serrated
Material Stainless Steel with Non-Conductive Nylon Coating
Disposable or Reusable Reusable
Sterile or Non-Sterile Non-Sterile
Latex or Latex-Free Latex-Free
Grade Trans Africa Medicals® Premium OR Grade
Trademark Trans Africa Medicals Blue™ Electrosurgical