Sharps Container Needle Disposal with Lid 0.5L


Sharps Disposal Needle Containers, Biohazard Containers Sharps Box Small Sharps Container Needle Disposal Box.


Sharps Disposal Needle Containers Widely used—It is not suitable for large needles,please choose 1 Quart instead of it,it’s for collecting small infusion sets,small disposable needles;Small medical glass products, various blades,suture needles and other sharp instruments;Blood transfusion set and other objects that contact blood.

Sharps Disposal Needle Containers Easy for using—Unique rotating box cover design,bring you more convenient experience,rotating box cover can open or close sharps container.

Strong and durable Sharps Disposal Needle Containers—The biohazard container is made of new high-density polypropylene material without PVC,which has properties of puncture resistance,no leakage,no rupture and no normal opened after closing.

Installation—Fasten the lid to the box body,the lid is not rotated up but fastened downwards (requiring some strength). The red area of the lid can be rotated,do not rotate it to close during using, it cannot be opened again after closing.

Permanently close—Close off the red area and you can hear a click as you close the Sharps Disposal Needle Containers.