Reusable Silicone Laryngeal Mask Airway

Reusable Silicone Laryngeal Mask Airway

A laryngeal mask helps anaesthetists taking oxygen or anaesthesia gas to a patient’s lungs during surgery.
Designed for elective,outpatient surgical procedures.
Ideal for emergency and pre-hospital settings.
Reusable type can be utillzed and sterilized for 40 times.

1.Made of medical grade silicone , has good biocompatibility, non-toxic.
2.Exclusive soft seal cuff can be inserted comfortable, minimizing potential trauma and increasing sealing.
3.Eliminates the risk of airway tube occlusion stand head and neck procedures.
4.Different color codes distinguish specification.
5.Autoclave sterilization only,Can be reuse up 40 times.
6.With different sizes, suitable for neonate, infant, children and adult

Package:Individual packed ,EO sterile.

Cat. No. Size Maximum Cuff Inflation Volumes (ml) Patient selection information
120108 1# 4 Neonates up to 5kg
120109 1.5# 7 Infants 5-10kg
120110 2# 10 Infants/children 10-20kg
120111 2.5# 14 Children 20-30kg
120112 3# 20 Children 30-50kg
120113 4# 30 Adults 50-70kg
120114 5# 40 Adults 70-100kg

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