Nets for hernia

Nets for hernia

Nets for hernia, polypropylene hernia mesh, is a sterile, flat or three-dimensional (3-D), woven/knitted or porous material made of polypropylene, intended to be permanently implanted for abdominal hernia (e.g., inguinal, ventral/incisional, umbilical, femoral) and fascial defect repair applications. Sterile product and single use.

Features and benefits,
Flexible, strong, elastic & transparent mesh.
Ideal porosity for high visibility & colonization.
High strength & burst resistance for permanent support.
Flexible for any anatomic placement.
Non shrinkage-provides long term material stability.
Thinner mesh available on request for laparoscopic surgery.
Extremely economical.

There are normal , light and super light type

The size can be specified according to your requirements.

Cat. No. Size (mm±5)
D (L) x H (B) x φ
313020 110×60 see above picture 1
313021 130×80
313022 140×90
313023 150×75
313024 150×80
313025 150×100
313026 150×150
313027 300×300
313028 90x50x15 see above picture 2
313029 110×60 x15
313030 130×60 x15
313031 150×70 x15
313032 34×25 see above picture 3
313033 45×40
313034 50×41
313035 50x41x100 see above picture 4

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