Medical X-ray Film Cassette

Medical X-Ray film Cassette
Aluminum cassettes,adopts special plastic connecting angles,anti-pounding,easy to operate, lightweight and rugged,long life.
Designed with high elastic sponge permeability pad ,with specially treated,it can protect the intensifying screen not to be damaged.
Cartridges X-ray irradiation surface fit PVC leather firmly.
Good dark performance ,advanced structural design framework.
Imaging stably & clearly . The imaging layer is clear as well.
Adopts the entire plane grid chart testing technigue to insure the quality of products.
We could specially made the sizes according to the client’s requirements.
Size: 5″×7″,8″x10″,10″x12″,11″x14″,12″x15″,14″x14″,14″x17″
Cat No. Size(mm) Qty/Case
102201 5″×7″(127×178mm) 10
102202 8″×10″(203×254mm) 10
102203 10″×12″(254×305mm) 10
102204 11″×14″(280×356mm) 10
102205 12″×15″(305×381mm) 10
102206 14″×14″(356×356mm) 10
102207 14″×17″(356×432mm) 10

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