Gynecology Vaginal Irrigator

Gynecology Vaginal Irrigator

Gynecological vaginal irrigator  has a soft and pliable transparent plastic bottle and Soft silicone Flushing  nozzles. Designed for comfort & simplicity, this system is easy to use and easy to clean. Water-soluble lubricant is recommended for the nozzle tips for ease of penetration.

Before use, you should first pull out the telescopic rod, then unscrew the flush head, liquid and warm water or warm water to the desired concentration of the liquid preparation, then rinse head screwed on standby.
When washing, supine, or sit, or squat, and then inserted into the vagina irrigator head compression bottle, warm water or liquid into the vagina that is, to retain five minutes after release.
Rinse before use, with water disinfection 2 minutes.
Do not cross-use

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Gynecology Vaginal Irrigator,40ml
Gynecology Vaginal Irrigator,55ml

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