Evacuated Drainage Bottles 400mL

Evacuated Drainage Bottles 400mL


The product is a Single use disposable unit which is designed to forward the collected drainage into a collection chamber by the liquid static suction effects, intended to provide a vacuum for suction drainage of surgical wounds.

Easy to read graduation helps to determine the drain volume precisely.

Material: Not made with DEHP, PVC or TPU

Size: 400mL/600mL/800mL/1000mL


Cat. No. Description Qty/Case (Pcs)
519601 Evacuated Drainage Bottles, 400mL 200
519602 Evacuated Drainage Bottles, 600mL 200
519603 Evacuated Drainage Bottles, 800mL 150
519604 Evacuated Drainage Bottles, 1000mL 100

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