ESU Plate without Cable, Monopole

Self-adhesive, soft, superior conductance, avoid electric burning and cross infection.

Instruments for use:
1, Clean skin of the patient, shave excess hair if necessary.
2, Choose a well site of the full muscle and sufficient blood (for example big leg, buttocks and upper arm), avoid bony prominences, joint, hair and scar.
3, Remove backing film of the electrode and apply it to the site suitable for patients, secure cable clamp to the electrode tab, make sure that two metallic film of the clamp contact with aluminium foil of the tab and do not show aluminium foil.
4, Following surgical procedure, remove electrode slowly to avoid skin trauma.

1, Shave the placement area if body hair is present.
2, Clean and dry the placement area.
3, Do not place near ECG electrodes or over scars.
4, Place near the operation area.
5, For infants, place on the back instead of the arm of thigh.

Cat. No. Description Qty/Case
512401 ESU Plate without Cable, Monopole, Adult 500
512402 ESU Plate without Cable, Monopole, Child 500
512403 ESU Plate without Cable, Monopole, Infant 500

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