Drugs of Abuse


Drug of Abuse

Specimen Urine.

Cat. No. Description Type Sensitivity
600201 AMP test Strip/Cassette 1000ng/ml
600202 BAR test Strip/Cassette 300ng/ml
600203 BUP test Strip/Cassette 10ng/ml
600204 BZO test Strip/Cassette 300ng/ml
600205 COC test Strip/Cassette 300ng/ml
600206 KET test Strip/Cassette 1000ng/ml
600207 MAMP test Strip/Cassette 1000ng/ml
600208 MDMA test Strip/Cassette 500ng/ml
600209 MOR test Strip/Cassette 300ng/ml
600210 MTD test Strip/Cassette 300ng/ml
600211 PCP test Strip/Cassette 25ng/ml
600212 OXY test Strip/Cassette 100ng/ml
600213 TCA test Strip/Cassette 1000ng/ml
600214 THC test Strip/Cassette 50ng/ml
600215 Drug test panel N in 1 Cassette

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