Disposable Dual-chamber Laryngeal Mask Airway

Disposable Dual-chamber Laryngeal Mask Airway

Dual-chamber can withstand a maximum airway pressure of up 30CMH20,to meet the needs of the vast majority of anesthesia.Increase drainage gastric tube,drainage the gastric juice and anti-reflux effectively.Ideal for emergency and pre-hospital settings.

Structure of Dual Chamber :
Trachea Tube, Body, Inflation Tube, Valve, Indicator,Adaptor,Drainage,Drainage Exit and Pad.

1.Made of medical grade silicone , has good biocompatibility, non-toxic.
2.Exclusive soft seal cuff can be inserted comfortable, minimizing potential trauma and increasing sealing.
3.Eliminates the risk of airway tube occlusion stand head and neck procedures.
4.With different sizes, suitable for neonate, infant, children and adult

Package:Individual packed ,EO sterile.

Cat No. Size Maximum cuff inflation volumes(ml) Applicable people
120115 1# 4 <5kg
120116 1.5# 7 5-10kg
120117 2# 10 10-20kg
120118 2.5# 14 20-30kg
120119 3# 20 30-50kg
120120 4# 30 50-70kg
120121 5# 40 70-100kg

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