Dental Barrier Film Roll

Dental Barrier Film Roll

This barrier film is a universal infection control barrier with a low tack adhesive backing that is perfect for use in areas that are difficult to clean, disinfect or sterilize.
Perforated 4″ x 6″ sheets are easy to apply, easy to remove and leave no residue due to its non-stick edge.
Available in blue or clear color
Contains: 4’’ x 6’’ in size. 1200 sheets per box.
Package:simple pack or box pack.

Size:  4″x6″x1200pcs (10.16cm*15.24cm*1200pcs)
Total length 180m
Thickness: 0.05mm
Color: blue and clear

Cat No. Description Qty/Case(PCS)
516301 Dental Barrier Film Roll,clear,4’’x6’’ 8
516302 Dental Barrier Film Roll,blue,4’’x6’’ 8

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