Cool Gel Mat


Cool Gel Mat

The cool gel mat helps relieve night sweats and hot flashes. Non-toxic and envoirnmentally friendly. Adopts special techniques, non-leaking and safe.
Enjoy coolness and softness at the same time. Keep cool automatically, no electricity required, economical.


For pillow pad, just put it on your pillow. Forbed mat, you can lie on it directly or put the bed sheet on the gel mat, then lie on it.

Material: Cotton/Polyester taffeta/Fabric

Cat. No. Description Qty/Case (Pcs)
802301 Cool Gel Mat,20x30cm,340G 120
802302 Cool Gel Mat,30x40cm,680G 100
802303 Cool Gel Mat,40X50cm,1080G 80
802304 Cool Gel Mat,60X90cm,2760G 50
802305 Cool Gel Mat,90X90cm,4100G 30
802306 Cool Gel Mat,90X140cm,6500G 30

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