CO2 Sampling Mask

CO2 Sampling Mask

Soft, form-fitting for comfort
Simple, fast hook up to CO2 monitor and oxygen
Unique bevel tip sample tube to capture CO2 samples
Star lumen non-kinking O2-supply tubing
Latex free

Our CO2 sampling mask is a consistent means to monitor breathing of a non-intubated patient, allowing sampling of exhaled carbon dioxide from both the month and nose while at the same time administering oxygen. It is made from clear medical grade resin. The mask is soft and allows form-fitting comfort for the face. The tube is non-kinkable (Star lumen). The design masks it simple and fast to hook up to oxygen.

Cat. No. Desctiption Qty/Case (pcs)
131901 CO2 Sampling Mask, XL 100
131902 CO2 Sampling Mask, L 100
131903 CO2 Sampling Mask, M 100
131904 CO2 Sampling Mask, S 100
131905 CO2 Sampling Mask, XS 100

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