7-1/2″ Adson Bayonet Dressing Forceps, Serrated, Delicate

7-1/2″ Adson Bayonet Dressing Forceps, Serrated, Delicate
Trans Africa Medicals® Adson Bayonet Dressing Forceps are thumb forceps used for holding dressing materials such as cotton and gauze during surgical procedures, changing dressings, or packing wounds. They have a wide thumb grasp for increased precision and control. The bayonet style handle allows these forceps to be used in areas with a compromised view. This product is straight with serrated tips and a length of 7-1/2 inches.

Additional Information

Surname Adson
Length 7-1/8″
Tip Configuration Blunt
Instrument Type Dressing Forceps
Curvature Straight
Working Surface Style Serrated
Pattern Delicate
Handle Bayonet
Material Stainless Steel
Disposable or Reusable Reusable
Sterile or Non-Sterile Non-Sterile
Latex or Latex-Free Latex-Free
Grade Trans Africa Medicals® Premium OR Grade